Terms & Conditions

  1. On registering your event to Sing Your Heart Out, you agree to these terms and conditions.
  2. By registering your event, you and your Choir agree to donate all or part of the proceeds from your event to Royal Voluntary Service.
  3. Participants agree to inform Royal Voluntary Service immediately if the event is cancelled or postponed.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed you must not use the publicity materials to fundraise for any charity other than Royal Voluntary Service.
  5. You agree not to reproduce or photocopy the materials we provide.
  6. On submitting any pictures, images, feedback and comments, you give permission for free use for our future advertising or promotion.
  7. Royal Voluntary Service may, at its sole discretion, withdraw involvement with a choir if it believes that it is the best interests of the charity to do so.
  8. You and your choir will ensure that the premises of where you are performing have a music performance rights licence.
  9. If you are singing in a public place, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission from the owners to do so.
  10. It is your choir’s responsibility to cover all production costs of the event, including the production of any sheet music needed and not to attempt to recover any overheads from Royal Voluntary Service.
  11. You agree to send your donation to Royal Voluntary Service using only the payment methods (unless otherwise agreed) we have outlined on our website within 2 weeks of your event.
  12. All funds raised in connection with your event must be payable to Royal Voluntary Service in sterling.
  13. If you or your choir order a collection tin/s, these must be returned to Royal Voluntary Service head office at Royal Voluntary Service, Beck Court, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff CF23 8RP within two weeks of your choir’s event and include your address for reference.

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